International Submariners Association Great Britain
Founded 1962
International Submariners Association The Association was formed in 1962 and is non-political and non-denominational. The aim of the Association is to show friendship and goodwill towards each other. To arrange exchange visits for us and our children for a better understanding in the future. To remain loyal to our Sovereign and country at all times and to work for the ideals that World War II was fought – freedom of speech, expression and thoughts. The I.S.A. is a world wide Association of Submariners, which includes members from Albania Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czechoslovakia Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands New Zealand, Norway, Peru,  Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the Ukraine ,and the USA. Annually, a 3 day Congress is held, hosted by a different country each year, when Submariners and their ladies from all over the world enjoy getting together socially, meeting old friends and making new ones, dining and dancing, sightseeing etc. The I.S.A.[GB] holds four meetings per year- in the Middle section of the UK, i.e. North, Stoke across to Norwich and South, Cardiff across to Southend. A hotel is chosen in the designated area, where we can have our meeting on the Saturday and dine together in the evening. These meetings have also become great social occasions where we meet up with old boat mates and enjoy a few drinks together. The ladies are also made most welcome – in fact, the I.S.A. encourages the ladies to take part in all their activities. Further information about any of the above is available on request from the Secretary.
Welcome To the International Submariners Association Great Britain web site
Amis of ISA GB The International Submariners Association is an organisation to perpetuate the memory of submariners who have died in the service of their country, and to encourage social activities which promote comradeship among submariners worldwide.
Membership Applications for membership are welcome from serving or ex-submariners of any nation.   Goto Membership Application Page.
Welcome To the International Submariners Association Great Britain web site
2018 55th International Submariners Congress in Gdansk in Poland
ISA Great Britain Events Meeting  in the midlde section of the UK
We     are     always     happy     to     have     new members   join   us.      If   you   are   serving   or   ex- submariners     of     any     nation,     and     are interested    in    joining    us,    or    need    more information      on      ISA      GB      events,      and International congress, please contact us
Event Map
Please note, that due to hotel availability the Congress will be held from 20th - 24th of May.
Leicester 11th - 12th May 2018
 Cirencester 17th - 18th August 2018
 Welwyn Garden City 23rd - 24th November 2018
International Submariners  Association Future Congress
56th Belgrade Serbia – May 2019
55th Gdansk Polang 20th - 24th May 2018
57th Karlskrona Sweden – May 2020